Winter 2024 

Why Christianbook International Outreach?

This is Why.

Imagine . . . students studying in a Bible college to become pastors not even owning a Bible.

The students are eager to learn and share the Gospel but some have no Bible—and the school has none to give them.

This is the reality of many international institutions. Some college administrators share that their library often has only one copy of a book that multiple students in the same class need to use at the same time. So, they tell each student they can borrow the book for one hour and then must let someone else use it for one hour, and so on.

How much can you even learn from a book in one hour? And it’s even more challenging for the students for whom English is not their first language.

Not all colleges or seminaries have this level of need, but all require books as tools for learning. When asked if they have a library budget, many administrators say that they do in theory, but in reality it often comes down to either paying their staff or buying books, but not both. When faced with that choice, paying staff will always be a higher priority than buying books.

“In reality it often comes down to either paying their staff or buying books, but not both.”

But they all need books. As one dean said, “the library is the engine of a school.” Others have made similar statements.

This need is why we exist: Our mission is to distribute books for international Christian leaders and theological schools, and Bibles for those without access to them.

This is Who

So far, men and women in 81 countries have received valuable resources for expanding their knowledge, deepening their wisdom, and pursuing their calling in ministry. Each Christianbook International Outreach UPDATE will feature news from Christians around the world who are eager to share their stories of how God is meeting their needs through the generosity of people like you. Today, meet Pastor J and Pastor William

Pastor J

There are countless others whose lives have been and will be impacted by Pastor J and Pastor William. This is the exponential impact of your support to Christianbook International Outreach. When a Christian leader has access to needed resources it affects not only the leader personally, but also everyone whom that leader will influence for all eternity.

This is How

With the generous donations of supporters like you, a milestone 2,000,000 resources have so far been distributed to international Bible college and seminary students, pastors, and leaders. While this is a drop in the bucket compared to the vast need, the bucket will never be filled by doing nothing. The ultimate meaning of all the numbers comes down to ONE:

  • ONE Bible college or seminary student whose education is enriched by access to quality textbooks or library resources they wouldn’t have had otherwise.
  • ONE Bible college/seminary graduate or pastor without access to formal education, whose lifelong ministry will be more effective because of resources for study that they can keep.
  • ONE person who receives a Bible that otherwise would not have access.

You are the ONE who makes the difference through your donation to Christianbook International Outreach!

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This is What

It’s hard for those of us in the U.S. to imagine not having access to Bibles. Estimates are that 85% of U.S. households own a Bible, and the average household owns more than four. Bibles here are abundantly available and affordable to just about anyone who wants one.

But not so in many parts of the world. In Africa alone, it’s estimated that between 100–200 million Christians do not own a Bible.

We’ve heard verified stories like these:

  • A church service with 500 people present and only 3 of them owned a Bible.
  • Some churches where even the pastor doesn’t own a complete Bible.
  • Pastors who have been in ministry for decades and never owned a good study Bible.
  • People willing to walk enormous distances to get Bibles.
  • A quality Bible, if available at all, costs the equivalent of a month’s wage.

Missions experts confirm the number one request from Christian leaders around the world is for help in training their pastors.

Christianbook International Outreach works with colleges and seminaries outside the U.S. to distribute books and Bibles critical to the learning process. Through the generosity of our donors and partners, we have distributed more than 269,000 textbooks and library books to more than 100 schools, and more than 349,000 books and study Bibles to organizations that provide training to pastors through seminars, book distribution, and lending libraries

And, thanks to people like you, the Outreach impact will continue.

This is Where

To date, Christianbook International Outreach and its generous donors and trusted partners have supplied educational and ministry resources in these 81countries:

Countries CIO has supported


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