D.R. Congo – Three Bibles

Maniema Province: Only Three Bibles

The following verified story was received from a missionary in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It illustrates the great need and hunger for Bibles in many nations of the world.

Maniema Province: Because rebel militia groups were systematically destroying Bibles in the Maniema Province during five years of war from 1997 to 2002, very few people there even have Bibles today. Through our visits to Maniema and other provinces like it that have been hit hard by war, we discovered that most of our pastors do not have Bibles. They typically preach with just a piece of scratch paper in hand where they have copied verses down. In addition, we have seen how the majority of students enrolled in our Bible School Extensions have not had Bibles.

While speaking in a combined church service in Kindu with about 500 in attendance, I asked how many owned a Bible. When I saw the response I quickly grabbed my camera, stepped off the platform and took this picture while praying under my breath, “Lord, help us to meet this need.” There were only three in the whole crowd.

One of Only Three Bibles