Legacy Students – Kenya

Legacy Students - Kenya

This story shows how the books and resources students receive create a ripple effect.  This amazing story illustrates how your donation multiplies the reach of each recipient allowing them to train others and expanding the ministry efforts around the world.

Pastor John stated, “Some of the books you sent this time were so unique and I am glad these men got a copy each.” 

CIO partners with a Bible College in Zambia, where Pastor John attended. During his college studies, he benefited from some of the books and resources that were donated, allowing him to complete his training. Upon graduation, he returned to Kenya where he began to pastor a church. In addition, he began to train other leaders who also were blessed with the books we are able to send.

These two gentlemen are church leaders and are now building shelves in their homes to start a small home library.

These two men are also involved in ministry. Seth, in the Central Seminary t-shirt, was a student of Pastor John in Zambia, and is now planting a church in Nairobi. Pastor John, and Seth are also MDiv students at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. Further, he is working with Pastor John in their Bible Institute, teaching  block classes for other pastors.