Pastor J – Uganda

Pastor J

We received this testimonial from Pastor J in Uganda:

“We are currently facing a difficult reality in Uganda with over 70% of pastors in our pastors’ fellowship having no theological training. Many of our pastors (within our fellowship) say they dropped out of high school and didn’t get a chance to join seminary. As a result, most pastors are teaching duplicate messages of whatever they watch on Christian television or hear on radio. This poor way of shepherding and doing church is destroying the church’s name and influence.

That said, in the midst of our difficult reality, hope is rising among many untrained pastors. Already, over 133 of our members have received training in theology and leadership – training that was made possible by CIO. In addition, we have seen visible shifts and improvements in the ministry practice and preaching culture because of the high utility of the context-sensitive book resources we have received from CIO. We could not be more grateful.

It is of note that our city’s only Pastors and Leaders Library which was established with the help and support of CIO has provided a study place where all our members can go and learn any topic of interest that is relevant to their dreams or current struggles. This space has helped greatly in grounding pastors in theology.”